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About Immortal
Immortal is a long standing guild on the Hellscream-EU server.

<Immortal> we define our self, after all these years a casual raiding guild. We walk around on this server for quite some time, a few of us go back till vanilla.

We are a social and relaxing guild, try to help out one and another and raiding is something we do on a Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday evening starting at 7.30pm server time. We stop at 10.00pm.

We are recruiting at the moment as we need some people that are willing to help us out progressing through Normal and Heroic mode. You can see on our website some movies of our recent boss kills! Make sure you know tacts before you concider raiding.
Feel free to post a thread in our application section of the Forum if you feel joining our team.

About our recruitment

1. We primarily recruit to address our raiding needs, and thus we prefer active, social, capable, max-level, raid ready players who are available on our regular raid nights and who can communicate in a clear and pleasant way. We use Teamspeak to communicate during raids, and require our members to have this working if they wish to join our raids.

2. Please check whether we are actively recruiting your class and role, before you decide to put in the time and effort of writing this application. Feel free to contact us in-game first.

3. If your class is not on the recruitment list don't worry, you can still sent us an application. We are looking into every application sent to us.

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Immortal vs Gruul (Normal difficulty)

by Crashnepula, 719 days ago

Our first kill in Blackrock Foundry! Gratzy Grazty!

Boss killed: February 04, 2015

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Immortal vs Ko'ragh (Normal difficulty)

by Crashnepula, 764 days ago

Nasty kill, but it's a kill. Ko'ragh bows down for Immortal too!
Gratz everyone

Boss killed: December 21, 2014

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Immortal vs Kargath Bladefist (Heroic difficulty)

by Crashnepula, 767 days ago

And again Immortal strikes down, this time on heroic difficulty, Kargath Bladefisthad to fall down as well!

Boss killed: December 18, 2014

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